9 perfect brunch cocktails to enjoy on New Year’s Day


New Year’s Day is about starting the year fresh and on the right foot. Why not mark the occasion with a festive brunch? Whether your brunch is sweet or savory, these cocktails will be the perfect accompaniment.

Sour gold

Sour gold of Blue Ridge Kitchen at The Barlow in Sevastopol, is a festive drink with Nonino Amaro, hot spices, lemon and lime, simple syrup and egg white. “When the colder weather sets in here in California, I was inspired to create a cocktail with warm flavors and a festive garnish. It really helps put me in the holiday spirit, and I hope it will be the same for our guests! There’s a bit of cinnamon and allspice to balance the citrus, and the subtly scented foam of the egg whites gives it a great texture. Amaro being a digestif, this cocktail will also help you digest your beautiful New Year’s Day brunch! said barmaid Adonna Bellefeuille.

The orchard

The orchard of by Murdoch at State Street Market in Los Altos is a cocktail made with apricot liqueur, whiskey, honey, orange curacao and lemon juice. “The inspiration for this drink was the story of Los Altos. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Los Altos was a primarily agricultural town; the apricot was one of the most widespread orchards. At State Street Market, being a family-oriented place, The Orchard expresses the common feeling of relaxing on a pleasant day, spending quality time with loved ones. It would be great to start the year off with that note, which is why I think it’s perfect for New Years brunch. I made it with whiskey, because it makes sense, with liquor. ‘apricot, adding honey and orange curacao to spice up the apricots, and lemon juice to balance and round off the drink, ”said bartender Enrique Sanchez.

In the rabbit hole

AT Scarlet kitchen and living room in Rancho Mission Viejo, Calif., they have the Down the Rabbit Hole. This brunch cocktail features potent superfoods like freshly squeezed celery juice and carrot juice mixed with Wodka’s gluten-free vodka, coconut sugar, and fiery ginger ale. Rich in powerful superfoods like beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamins C, E and K, this cocktail has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. “This cocktail is the perfect way to detoxify yourself while you re-tox!” Celebrate the New Year with a balance of earthy sweetness from freshly squeezed carrot and celery juice as you awaken your taste buds with the brilliant zest of ginger ale, ”said Jackie Pember, Bartender.

Martini with sea salt and figs

At Next Door, located next to Pazza on Porter in Boston, Massachusetts, this cocktail is made with fig puree (easily made at home with dried figs, vanilla extract, and water), lemon juice, Pear Brandy, Amaro , sea salt and topped with chocolate shavings (you can grate your favorite chocolate bar right on top of the cocktail). “Figs symbolize knowledge, unity and understanding and salt is a symbol of profit, joy and happiness. With the Festive Sea Salt and Fig Martini, our friends and family can toast to a New Year filled with peace and prosperity and celebrate the year ahead, ”said mixologist Josue Castillo.

Lychee Saketini

AT Casa Sensei in downtown Fort Lauderdale, their brunch staple is Lychee Saketini made with three simple but delicious ingredients; vodka, lychee puree and Soto sake. “When people think of brunch, mimosas are usually the best choice, but this Saketini lychee is a staple. The combination of sake and lychee puree with a touch of vodka is the perfect (and unexpected) trio, ”said Svetlana Altarrasy, manager of the bar.

Marie Marie

“Our head bartender, Dan Stern, kept asking me to make a Bloody Mary with Tomatillo for people with acid reflux, which I didn’t know was a thing. Plus, a long time ago , my mentor (Natasha) from Llama Inn and Llama San makes a fantastic Green Bloody Mary, and I’ve always wanted to make a similar one, ”said Max Stampa-Brown, Beverage Manager at The attic bars.

“We had our Borrachito Green Sauce for our Toddler Taco Cart at Bandits, and wanted to use more and thought that would make a great base for a Green Bloody Mary. I also find the classic flavors of everything. that goes into this drink (tomatillo, jalapeno, cilantro and everything in between) worked great with tequila in our Maria Mary – the flavors all lived in the same family. The Maria Mary is kind of like a watered gazpacho, delicious and culinary . ”

Mezcal mule

The Mezcal Mule at Amor Locomotive, a vibrant and upbeat new Mexican fusion restaurant that recently opened in New York’s Theater District, is the perfect brunch drink for a bottomless brunch on New Years Day. Spicy ginger and smoky mezcal come together. combine wonderfully in this cocktail. Refreshing yet warm, the Mezcal Mule is well-balanced and ideal to kick off the fiesta during Amor Loco’s bottomless weekend brunch. Creative director Raphael Mendez assures guests that this cocktail: “is striking! Mexican legend has it that mezcal was originally created when a lightning strike struck an agave plant, opened it, and then cooked it. “

Red wedding

AT Casa Ora in Brooklyn, this cocktail is made with tequila, beets, tomato, habanero and tomatillo. “We like to call it our Tia (Aunt) Bloody Mary for being sweet, spicy and known to cure whatever you work out the night before. The drink is with all fresh squeezed juices, homemade habanero tomatillo mix, savory edge tagin and tequila from Espolòn. The familiar palette of a spicy tomato is inverted with equal parts fresh beet juice, giving the cocktail its characteristic merlot red color. Enjoy this drink with tequila instead of the usual vodka, to accompany the natural acidity and earthy tones with brilliant agave, grilled pineapple and spices, ”said Ivo Diaz, Director of Beverages at Casa Ora.


In the heart of Miami, IS. 33 Thai food and craft brewery Spices up the brunch scene with Thai-inspired cocktails that keep guests coming back for more. Their Malakor cocktail is made with El Jimador tequila infused with lemongrass and Thai basil with mashed papaya, chili bitters, tamarind paste and fresh lime juice. This buzzing drink is ideal for those who want to wake up from the night before while keeping it light and fresh for the day ahead. “You would never expect a cocktail like this to be the perfect choice for brunch, but the flavors are refreshing and delicious. The sweet blend of papaya with the contrasting flavors of tamarind and lime brings out unique flavors that pair perfectly with everyone’s favorite brunch foods, ”said Christian Rodriguez, Deputy Managing Director.


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