5 of the best wet gift ideas to wrap up this Christmas


This summer, we are very grateful to the people in our lives after a rather difficult year 2021. And for many of us, that could mean showing love through Christmas presents like a big thank you. But finding the right gift for someone is never an easy task, with socks and gift cards, but without cutting it this year.

So what better way to share the good times, toast your loved ones and bring the silly season than with a showered gift. But if you’re done with the standard crate of beer or whatever bottle of wine you have chosen at random, why not go for something a little more thoughtful? This Christmas our pick of some of the best alcoholic gift ideas comes from the Fremantle Republic Distillery in Western Australia.

These Australian spirits makers have a unique process that allows them to distill exceptional gin and vodka with wine made from centuries-old Verdelho vines in Washington State’s Swan Valley. It looks like a big bloody effort, and you will taste the difference. In fact, the Freo team won the award for Best International Contemporary Gin at the American Distillers Institute Awards in their first year.

Not only can you have these award-winning spirits delivered right to your door before Christmas, but you can go and taste them yourself in Fremantle if you’re lucky enough to live in WA. Enter the distillery’s bar + kitchen during the summer to sip a chilled cocktail or join a tour and tasting session.

In the meantime, with some signature gins and vodka, ready-to-go cocktails and Republic Of Fremantle Gin School gift certificates, we’ve got some great Christmas gift ideas to please everyone.

Republic Of Fremantle Aromatic Gin

Price: $ 68.50

Whenever we say ‘aromatic’ we think of those delicious citrus flavors and the kind of drink you might want to sniff before you sip. Go for Republic of Fremantle’s aromatic gin if you know the type of friend who might appreciate it.

This drop is packed with zesty and fresh citrus flavors, delicate grapefruit notes and a few more subtle apricot tones to add to the mix as well for general vibes of freshness. Your palette may also contain plants like juniper, cilantro, lemongrass, ginger, grapefruit, and apple. This is the kind of gin you want to highlight a citrus G&T with and let the flavors speak for themselves.

Republic Of Fremantle full-bodied gin

PRICE: $ 68.50

If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph and a bolder flavor, why not try Republic of Fremantle’s Full Bodied Gin. This is a much more classic style of dry gin, with bold flavors of herbs and pepper. The kind that leaves a delicious, spicy finish on the tips of your lips after a sip.

We are talking about aromas of ripe red fruit and rosemary, with a dominant flavor of juniper and some woody undertones. Expect such spicy herbs like cilantro, pink pepper, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, and some cranberries and figs. It is the ideal gin for more daring vermouth cocktails like a Negroni or like the hero of a Martini.

Republic of Fremantle Signature Vodka

PRICE: $ 64.50

This Australian vodka will make you completely rethink the classic voddy-soda-lime combo. The Signature Spirit is made from scratch by double distillation in small batches, not hiding behind additional aromas or aging processes.

With honeydew melon and unexpected citrus notes, their signature vodka explores a new land when it comes to the flavor of spirits – perfect for alcohol aficionados and novices alike.

Bottled cocktails

Price: $ 65.00 – $ 74.00

It’s fair to say we’ve all gotten a little obsessed with pre-batch cocktails lately. As we were stuck inside, they gave us a familiar taste of being at our favorite bars, with drinks made by the best bartenders in town. Well, now we’re all used to the best in the comforts of home – we think this trend is here to stay for any night.

Although if we only have one complaint with the popularized bottled cocktail, it is the serving size of 1 to 2 glasses that they are typically offered in. That is why we are focusing on the 500ml set which you can order from Republic of Fremantle.

They just released a trio of bottled cocktails with their Classic Martini, Vesper Martini and the Classic Negroni all available online – and all expertly crafted by their bar team, ready to serve, sip and share in good company.

Gin school gift voucher

Remember how we mentioned Republic of Fremantle’s outstanding distillery and bar + kitchen? Well, if you fancy going for more than just a drink, the legendary liquor makers also run their own ‘School of gin ‘.

It’s the ultimate gift to share with your friends, family or partner, giving you first-hand insight into how everything is done. Don’t worry, this is the kind of fun educational learning where you’ll, of course, get a gin and tonic when you arrive. You will then take a tutorial on distillation in a mini still by experts and learn about the history of distillation. But more importantly, you’ll walk away with your own 500ml bottle of custom-made distilled gin.

The 2.5 hour lesson takes place alongside the copper still, in the heart of the distillery. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, these courses are currently only available to residents of Western Australia.

After reading this, you have absolutely no excuse for wrapping lousy Christmas gifts. And we believe our friends and families deserve the best kind of watered-down gifts this year.

From expertly crafted cocktails to the perfect Australian base for G&T at home, order the Republic of Fremantle’s Perfect Show of Appreciation before the year is out.

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