14 Popular SodaStream Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best


We all remember Chris Kattan’s Mango character from “SNL” – fun and fruity. the SodaStream Mangobuly is neither of those things. Where the character of Mango was effervescent, eh elegant and flamboyant, the Mangobubly leaves us depressed and wishes for something more. Mango is one of SodaStream’s many “Bubly” drop offerings, which allow you to make your own sparkling sparkling water-based drinks without purchasing a large can of soda cans. While Mangobubly canned drink is considered one of many favorites, most agree that Mangobubly drops are not the same.

Numerous Amazon critics claim the sparkling flavor is ‘bad’ and ‘disgusting’ which we can attest to. The taste of Mangobubly was not mango or any other fruit, for that matter. While consumers don’t complain as much about the chemical taste of their drink as ginger ale does, we have found that the drink tastes more of pine than of fruit (and we generally associate pine with an aroma, a scent often. used in cleaning products – while better than “chemical”, not a massive improvement.). Overall, Mangobubly leaves made us want to go have any other mango food or drink instead – or even just a mango!


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