13 cool bars in Beirut for a laid-back summer night with your friends


Lebanon is a wonderful summer destination, with stunning nature, great resorts and beaches, and one of the Middle East’s top nightlife scenes.

Bars, pubs and restaurants fill the streets of Beirut with lively energy and good vibes that last all year round.

These are great places to relax with your friends and enjoy Beirut’s hot summer days/nights in a friendly atmosphere.

Here are some bars in the heart of Beirut that you will love to try with your friends this summer:

Vagabond – Badaro

To enjoy a good glass of craft beer and spirits, and have a sense of wild adventure, all you have to do is go to Vagabond in Badaro.

For reservations, call 01 381 522.

Lennon Badaro

Summer nights at Lennon Badaro are especially fun: good vibes, laid-back vibes, and tasty cocktails.

For more information, call 76 434 789.

Ales & Tales – Gemmayze

Celebrate the hippie vibe at the Ales & Tales bar in Gemmayze, where every drink is formulated on personal experiences and practices.

PS Ales & Tales was named top 50 best discoveries of 2019! For more information, contact 71 010 230.

16 MM – Gemmayze

16MM is a trendy resto-bar ideal for the perfect meeting place day or night, where you and your friends can enjoy delicious bites and cocktails, and live music on certain evenings.

Contact 81 321 965 – 03 713 060 for more information.

Aliya’s Books Alleyway & Rooftop – Gemmayze

A cool spot for jazz lovers is Aaliya’s Book Alley on Friday nights at 9:30 p.m. Cocktails, drinks, sourdough pizza, burgers, pulled pork and more are on the menu. No minimum spend is required and no additional group fees.

It’s also a laid back place to hang out on Saturdays on the rooftop with DJ Mick Dagger setting the right vibe for a chilly night.

RSVP: 01 566 375.

Catrinas – Mar Mikhaël

Catrinas is the perfect place to enjoy dishes inspired by modernized Mexican cuisine while sipping their delicious margaritas and enjoying their beautiful summer atmosphere!

The place opens at 6:30 p.m. For any request, contact 03 174 222.

Butlers’ house – Gemmayze

Clean decor and a friendly atmosphere with plenty of drinks to choose from is what you can expect at House Of Butlers in Gemmayze for a lovely summer evening with your friends.

RSVP: 01 444 776 between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Strada 51 – Mar Mikhaël

Strada 51 is a relaxing getaway in Mar Mikhael with tasty cocktails and delicious bites to take a nice break during the day and party the night away with your friends.

For more information, contact 70 123 340.

The Pavement Of Paloma – Gemmayze

Le Trottoir de Paloma is a charming cocktail bar and restaurant, open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. For reservation, contact 70 585 000.

Riwaq – Beirut

Riwaq in Beirut is a pleasant and “open space” pub that offers a free space to spend time with your friends, listen to music or comedy shows and drink delicious cocktails.

For more information, contact 81 715 656.

Demo – Beirut

Demo is a relaxed and laid back bar/cafe where you can enjoy a mix of music and a good night out in Beirut or just for a nice afternoon break while enjoying their cocktails.

Contact 03 958 504 for more information.

Rabbit hole – Beirut

Rabbit Hole in Beirut is a charming pub with a mystical decor where you can enjoy fresh fruit cocktails and other drinks, lounging in jazz and soft rock music.

For more information, contact 70 151 328.

Bar-shop at the central station – Mar Mikhael

The finely crafted cocktails and appetizers at this stylish Mar Mikhael bar are a must try at least once in Beirut. An elegant setting with a jazz/swing atmosphere that you will love.

For any request, contact 71 736 737.


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